3rd Annual GeekFest Toronto Official Selections Announced

Please welcome our Official Selections (in alphabetical order) below that premiere at the 3rd Annual GeekFest Toronto. Join us for  Films, Docs and Talks on Tuesday February 14, 2018 at 5:00PM at Cinecycle – –  “a hidden treasure of the Toronto film scene” ~BlogTO

2018 GeekFestToronto Acceptance Laurel
  1. Andrea Rossi: Live From His Shipping Container dir. Thomas Florek, New Jersey, USA
  2. CineBasura: The Movie, dir. Miguel Angel Viruete, dir. Paco Fox – Madrid, Spain
  3. GeekLounge: Down and Dirty, dir. Larry Ziegelman – Illinois, USA
  4. GeekLounge: Going Solo, dir. Larry Ziegelman – Illinois, USA
  5. Good Game Well Played: An Esports Documentary, dir. Gabriella Devia-Allen – USA
  6. Marauder, dir. Brendon Rathbone, New Jersey, USA
  7. Muscles, dir. Genevieve Kaiser – Sydney, Australia
  8. Official Teaser #2 Reaction!!!, dir. Kevin McCarthy – Massachusetts, USA
  9. Prime Perfect, dir. Tom Bessoir – New York, USA
  10. Prop Wars: Prop Harder, dir. Gary Scullion, dir. Nick Acott – Kent, UK
  11. Search/Destroy: A Strontium Dog Fan Film, dir. Steven Sterlacchini – West Yorkshire, UK
  12. The Amazing Neckbeard, dir. Aaron Legg – Chicago, IL, USA
  13. Wild Cards, dir. Gwendolin Mah – Singapore