GeekFest Toronto Program 2018

February 14, 2018 – 5:00PM to 11:00PM

CineCycle Coach House – 129 Spadina Avenue, Toronto M5V 2L3

(down the lane between SPINCO and Spadina Optical) [Map]


[3 Cool ‘n’ Geeky Films, Docs and Talk Themes to Choose From]

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  • Price Per Full Night of GeekFest Toronto

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BLOCK #1 Time Start: 5:00PM

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Theme: It’s Not Just a Game

Prop Wars: Prop Harder
Short Film 8:03
Dir. Gary Scullion, Nick Acott – Kent, United Kingdom

Three geeks battle each other with all the coolest props (from all the greatest films) that only the biggest nerds would be able to identify. Can you name all the props and where they come from?

Wild Cards
Short Documentary 24:19
Dir. Gwendolin Mah – Singapore

A Singapore-based collective practices a specialized art called card flourishing. It isn’t magic, but an extreme amount of ergonomic skill and dexterity where they make playing cards dance in their hands.  The short documentary asks the question of how far a Singaporean brand can go in an international scene. This behind-the-scenes documentary examines how these innovative performers share their passion for their craft with the world.

Good Game Well Played: An Esports Documentary
Short Documentary 37:01
Dir. Gabriella Devia-Allen – United States of America

Online gaming isn’t just for nerds anymore (if it ever was at all). Good Game Well Played explores the operations and cultural practices of the esports community and how there’s a lot more to it than some people might think. This documentary tracks the production of broadcast content, the lifestyles of professional players, and the narratives of the industry’s most involved employees. The documentary includes expert interviews with industry professionals from both production and competitor viewpoints. 

TALKS: *The Geeks Guide to eSports!*

Join us for a Films, Docs and Talks and Demos on the hottest topic in GeekDom – !ESports! with Special Guests + Team Demos


BLOCK #2 Start Time: 7:30 PM

Block Two Only- $12 :

Theme: Weird Science

Andrea Rossi: Live From His Shipping Container – Filmmaker in Attendance 
Puppetry/Animation 4:48
Dir. Thomas Florek – New Jersey, United States of America

An animated short that takes the audio of an interview with industrialist, and energy pioneer Andrea Rossi and adds puppets to create a funny romp where the interviews Tom and Doug manage to capture a portrait of this scientist while talking about seemingly nothing at all.

Prime Perfect –(Out of Competition) – Filmmaker in Attendanc
Experimental Film 5:55
Dir. Tom Bessoir – New York, United States of America

See and hear prime and perfect numbers in a mathematical flicker film dedicated to experimental filmmaker Tony Conrad (1940-2016).  Frames flash by in different colours. The prime number frames (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, … 8,123) are white and the perfect number frames (6, 28, 496, and 8128) are red. See math and numbers brought to life in a visual depiction.

Experimental Film 6:50 
Dir. Lasse Raa – Norway

A video written in DNA, the 2nd of video installations by Norwegian artist Lasse Raa, an Art College teacher in Oslo. What happens when you’re fascinated by machine code and genetic code….?

  • Keywords: #DNA #VideoInstallation #GeneticCode #Weird Science #Music #ExperimentalFilm

Theme: Gabbing with Geeks

Geek Lounge: Down and Dirty
Short Film 4:00
Dir. Larry Ziegelman – Illinois, United States of America

A few guys, and two friendly ladies play a get-to-know-you drinking game. A fun short film that will definitely test your nerd knowledge of movie references and pop-culture.

Geek Lounge: Going Solo
Short Film 5:41
Dir. Larry Ziegelman – Illinois, United States of America

A shy guy at a bar during cosplay night meets an outgoing woman who encourages him to meet people. A cute short film about relationships, and the importance of taking those first steps toward meeting new people.

Official Teaser #2 Reaction!!!
Short Film 6:30
Dir. Kevin McCarthy – Watertown, MA, United States of America

When the second teaser for The Force Awakens came out fans everywhere created videos of themselves watching and reacting to it in real time. One self-described Star Wars agnostic created a mash-up of these trailer reaction videos in his attempt to understand and embrace the zeitgeist of why and how a movie can mean so much to people.

Theme: Payback in the Post-Apocalypse

Marauder –(Out of Competition)
Short Film 14:11
Dir. Brendon Rathbone – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

After a mysterious figure known as the Marauder has their motorcycle stolen they go on the hunt for the bandits that stole it. Even in a desolate future where survival is everything, Marauder explores the importance of having something that is yours. And the necessity of staying good in a world that’s gone bad.

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  • KeyWords: #motorcycle #madmax #revenge #postapocalypse #innocence #death #violence #survival #possession #adventure #marauder #PostApocalyptic #SciFi #FemaleHeroine #ScaryPrairie #MadMaxOnThePrairie

Search/Destroy: A Strontium Dog Fan Film
Short Film 20:00
dir. Steven Sterlacchini, dir. Stephen GreenWest Yorkshire, United Kingdom

In the future there are mutants. A familiar idea in the world of sci-fi films but this fan-film uses it to tell a story unlike any other. Mutants, outcasts from society and despised by normal people, have to make their living as bounty hunters.  Two of these bounty hunters work to do the jobs no one else will do, to protect people who hate them. The short film is inspired by the 2000 AD Comics Strontium Dog stories, created by Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner and Alan Grant.

BLOCK #3 Time Start: 8:45 PM

Block Three Only- $12 :

Theme: I Need a Hero

The Amazing Neckbeard
Short Film/Animation 2:41
Dir. Aaron Legg – Chicago, IL, United States of America

A comic book nerd obsessed with going to comic-con learns the true meaning of being a hero in this delightful stop-motion film.

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  • KeyWords: #comics #squirrelman #comicbooks #hero #theamazingneckbeard #comiccon #cosplay #fandom #nerd #StopMotionAnimation #Animation #ComicCon #Fandom #SuperHero #AGuyLivingInHisBasement #Subculture #FanEmpathy #FanCamaraderie #CommonInterest

Short Film 9:27
Dir. Genevieve Kaiser – Sydney, Australia

A young boy begins to come of age when he is confronted with some hard truths about how life can be disappointing. He and his imaginary friend Muscles (who comes from the boy’s favourite video game) work on dealing with what it means to have a hero in your life let you down, and how to move on from the inevitable losses we’re all going to face.

CineBasura: The Movie
Feature Film 1:30:00
dir. Miguel Angel Viruete, dir. Paco Fox – Madrid, Spain

Two geeky video bloggers find themselves trapped when all the tropes of the trashy films they adore begin to infect and replace the laws of our own universe. Full of references to many popular b-movies, this film toes the line between being reverent in its inclusion of so many tropes, while also being over the top in how they’re all presented.

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