About Us

GeekFest Toronto is a 1-Day Festival of Films, Docs and Talks on everything Nerdy, Science-y and Geeky. An alternative to Valentines Day and an appreciation for what we Love.

Have you ever seen a a film that was DNA code set to music…? We have. Have you ever seen a documentary where puppets race radio controlled cars…? We have. Have you ever been on Reddit or hooked on Ingress. We have. We are.

So that’s what GeekFest Toronto is all about. A celebration for people like us who know who we are and how neat it is to be either a Nerd or a Geek or in love with Science .

We don’t need a porkpie hat, skinny jeans or a bushy beard to let the world know who we are. We just need maybe the latest gadget, a cool game, a unusual topic and a movie we can relate to. And friends who relate to us.

So let’s see those Films, Documentaries, Talks and Demos.

Our goal is to always program films and documentaries and compliment them with a topical discussion, presentation or demo from experts and enthusiasts.