6:15PM- Speaker: Victor Xin

Victor Xin – Founder of eSports Scholarship

Victor Xin

Back in January 2017 – University of Toronto alumnus Victor Xin shook up the local press when it was announced he was launching a scholarship for Esports to be awarded in Autumn 2018.

This is the first time in U of T’s history that a scholarship has been established with video gaming as part of the eligibility criteria. The scholarship will recognize academic achievements and a passion for eSports. With sage words, Victor explained: “We need to reward the mavericks amongst us who may not fit into the mold of a traditional leader”.

About Victor

Victor himself is a leader as the Managing Partner of Athena Capital Partners, a global equities investor. Managing a portfolio of assets around the world, including the Sea-to-Sky in Canada, Bristol Water (largest water only company) in the UK, and Varmevarden (district heating business) in Sweden and Nomacorc, the largest synthetic wine closure company in the world.

Victor holds a Master of Business Administration (Honors with Distinction) from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science (with Honors) from University of Toronto. Victor is also a CFA Charterholder.

Outside of work, Victor is currently an Alumni Representative on the University of Toronto Engineering Faculty Council, Chair of the University of Toronto Engineering Alumni Mentorship Program, Friends of WWF Committee Member, and a Board Member of Columbia Alumni Association of Canada.