6:15PM Demo: University of Toronto eSports


University of Toronto eSports will show you how to game like a pro when they demo eSports. Players from their award winning League of Legends Team join the Geeks Guide to eSports to provide an intro to what it looks like when a professional team takes competition online. For seasoned gamers this will be a chance watch eSports live as it is played by those who compete at the top level of the industry.

About University of Toronto eSports:

University of Toronto eSports is a collaboration of multiple gaming clubs that play League of Legends, Overwatch and Counter Strike at a competitive level. University of Toronto eSports aims to be an organization where all types of gamers can tune in to what’s going on with eSports at, and outside of, the UofT campus.

Some of their teams have won awards at major eSports competitions in recent years including placing second in uLoL Campus Series 2016-2017. As well as placing second at the Overwatch CSL Summer Series in 2017.