4th Annual GeekFest Toronto Official Selections Announced!

2018 GeekFestToronto Acceptance LaurelPlease welcome our Official Selections (in alphabetical order) below Premiering at the 4th Annual GeekFest Toronto. Join us for Films, Docs and Talks + Games+Prizes – Wednesday February 14, 2018 at 6:00PM at

  1. Bullies
    dir. Daniel Bydlowski
    Northridge, California, USA
  2. FLAT!
    dir. Barry Thornburg
    Denton, Texas, USA
  3. FutureWorld
    dir. Christopher Angus
    Manitoba, Canada
  4. Krisis
    dir. Daniel F. Amselem – Spain
  5. Nemausus
    dir. Quentin Uriel – France
  6. Punishment or Vengeance
  7. dir. Dir. Jean-Marc Bouquerod – France
  8. Scott & Crowley; A Comic Book Adventure
    dir. Dan E. Tibbs – USA
  9. Sexy Toys From My Kitchen
    dir. Ann Robinson-Berger – USA
  10. Star Wars: The Toys Awaken
    dir. Raymond Montemayor – California, USA
  11. Sur’vi
    dir. Stephen Wise – Pensacola, Florida, USA
  12. The Old-Men (Super-Vieillot)
    dir. Jordan Inconstant – Reims, France

Congratulations to All!

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